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  • Small Toys Cultivate Music Int...

    Babies will dance with joy when they hear a pleasant sound at a very early age. Like other intelligences, music intelligence needs to be cultivated and developed from an early age. Therefore, in daily...

  • Early Music Education And Chil...

    Early music education has irreplaceable significance for the development of people's life. Music education helps develop people's right brain and enhance their creativity. Therefore, music education f...

  • The Features Of Infant Mp3 Pla...

    1. Cartoon appearance: take the cartoon star in the cartoon blockbuster as the appearance, and children will fall in love with it at the first sight.2. Scientific design: the shape of infant mp3 playe...

  • Infant Mp3 Player

    Infant mp3 player is an MP3 player specially developed for children. It combines toys, MP3 players and speakers. It is an alternative to the old tape player. It is cute, easy to operate and carry, all...

Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading?

A1: We are manufacturer. Alilo products are designed by our R&D employees and manufactured by our factories.

Q2: Do you have distributors around the world?

A2: Our distributors are dispersed in China, USA, Germany,Poland, Singapore, Russia and other countries.

Q3: How to order from your company?

A3: You could buy from our Amazon shop. Or you could email us to get the agency of Alilo in your country or to be our agency.

Q4: What language of Alilo products?

A4: It depends on you. Chinese, English or other language, we could help you to get.

Q5: Do Alilo have the copyright of audio or video content?

A5: Alilo products have copyright of all audio or video or other content. We pay great attention to honest.

Q6: Do you have goods in stock?

A6: We have goods in our stock for samples.

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