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ALILO Bunny and BEME Cloud Have Reached a Strategic Partnership

If we make a hot list of the products for the intelligent early childhood education in the carnival for electric business on Nov. 11, Alilo Bunny is definitely on the list. This brand for enlightenment and early childhood education which belongs to ALILO, a well-known technology company in the country, has many series of devices for early childhood education such as G-series, A-series, F-series and K-series. In the hot list of authority brands for early learning machines in 2016, Alilo Bunny has defeated the brands like Little Genius and Xiaobuding and become the champion for this year.

G63, the newest product of the Alilo Bunny, has become the focus of the market after its release. Its sales keep increasing, which also confirms Alilo Bunny’s determination to develop the market of intelligent education. Recently, Alilo Bunny has announced that it has reached a strategic partnership in the market of intelligent education as well as the construction of the Internet of Things with Shenzhen BEME interactive technology limited company, the well-known company of the Internet of Things in the country.

The market of the intelligent education is a growing blue ocean market.

At present, along with the general trend that the domestic consumption upgrades, as well as the two-child policy, the domestic market of the early childhood education expands exponentially. As far as the present is concerned, the number of the children who are 0-14 years old has reached 260 million and the number of parents has almost reached 500 million. And these are all the potential users in the market of intelligent education.

More importantly, as parents of the younger generation become the mainstream gradually, the educational investment and attention on the early childhood education and preschool education keep growing because of the consideration of the social competition and the health of children. This also directly promotes the expansion and prosperity of this market. Some analysis companies have pointed out that the annual growth rate of the retail market can reach 15%, the scale of 200 billion in the next 4 years. Another impulse of the market is the wave of intelligence. It is estimated that the number of intelligent web-connected toys will reach 200 million. In other words, this has already become the blue ocean market with the scale of billions.

Under this premise, it is understandable why companies of the early childhood education led by Alilo Bunny put focus on this area. And Alilo Bunny’s partnership with BEME Cloud also shows its determination to develop the whole market.

Why is BEME Cloud?

It is no exaggeration to say that BEME Cloud is the best partner for the companies like Alilo Bunny. In fact, if you know something about BEME Cloud, you will know this sentence is not exaggerated.

When it comes to this, what has to be mentioned is the FUN-IOT platform of BEME Cloud. The latter is not only the first enterprise-level FUN-IOT technology platform in the field, but also the biggest support for BEME Cloud, if it wants to become the company with the upgraded platform of the interactive entertainment industry in the era of IOT. Its mission is constructing a new interactive scene with the combination of the Internet of Things and the artificial intelligence technology, so as to connect device, person, content and service.

Specifically, the FUN-IOT platform of BEME Cloud includes the core service components of IOT, the open cloud service, the dynamic APP-generating library and the multi-platform hardware scheme. It can help any device to connect the Internet conveniently whenever and wherever possible, to realize the digitalization of connections and devices quickly, safely, effectively and stably.

And with the aid of Fun-IOT technology platform, the partners have no need to invest heavily in the instant messaging technology. They can get the good support of IOT exclusive instant messaging framework. And at the same time, they can enjoy the stable and customizable open cloud service. BEME Cloud not only has the network stack specially made for IOT which can adapt to the weak network environment better and support more network protocols, but also uses its own communication encryption protocol which is lighter than HTTPS and can adapt to the application scene of IOT better with the same level of encryption strength as HTTPS.

And the perfect adaptation of Fun-IOT to the multi-platform and multi-OS can allow customers to choose from various schemes according to their own needs. At present, its adaptable component schemes include Xintang platform, the platform of MTK feature phones and the RealTek IOT platform. Its adaptable OS schemes include Linux, RTOS and Android, which can bring the most cost-effective solutions to customers.

The summary

It is not hard to see that the powerful technology strength and the open attitude towards cooperation of BEME Cloud are the reasons why Alilo Bunny should and must cooperate with BEME Cloud.

It is believed that the harvest of this cooperation will be shown in the market soon. We can imagine that the combination of BEME Cloud and Alilo Bunny maybe can become a new power with the prospect of the market of intelligent education.
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