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Basic Educational Characteristics Of Children's Toys

The educational function of children's toys refers to it that toys promote the physically and mentally healthy development of children in all aspects and guide and train children to preview the future life so that they can obtain the most basic life experience and survival ability. As a product, the educational function of children's toys is one of its basic functions which is at the top of the functional hierarchy. Therefore, the correct understanding of the educational children's toys, give full play to its educational function, which is of very important practical significance for current family education and social occupation of preschool education.

As a matter of fact, the function of educational children's toys is systematic. Therefore, the role of "promoting the physically and mentally healthy development of children's in all aspects" must be emphasized when we recognize and understand this characteristic. We can't just pay attention to one point. We can also focus on the psychological function of toys from two aspects of "cognition" and "personality", and focus on the social discipline function of children's toys. And we can even study the impact of different kinds of toys on children's physical and mental development focusing on the social discipline function of children's toys. From all the research and practice, we can confirm that the educational children's toys is comprehensive and systematic. Firstly, the educational effect of toys on children is multifaceted. Secondly, children's "physics" and "thinking (the so-called "body" and "mind") are inevitable two impacts of influences. In terms of thinking, "cognition" and "sociality" must be discussed, namely "wisdom" and "emotion". Finally, the "educational function" is hierarchical and it must be adapted to the age characteristics of children.
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