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Brief Analysis On Design Principle 1 Of Interactive Learning Toys For Preschool Children

Under the background of the increasingly fierce competition between science and technology and culture, the role of toys with various patterns, compared with the original simple entertainment, extends more directions that have not been paid attention to before. For preschool children, toys abstract things in the adult world and tell preschool children the truth in a simple and clear way during the game. This paper takes preschool children as the research object, introduces the concept of interactive design into the toys designed for preschool children, and further explores the influence of interactive toys on preschool children. Thus, the design principle of interactive learning toys for preschool children is constructed which is used to guide the design of interactive learning toys for preschool children in the future.

In the design of preschool children's interactive learning toys, the safety principle refers to that children do not suffer any harm from the product in the process of normal use of the product. Even if the wrong operation is carried out unconsciously, the harm can be minimized to ensure the safety of children.

Preschool children are confronted with more security problems in daily life compared with adults due to their incomplete cognition of things and insufficient self-protection ability. While a toy can bring joy to children in childhood, it is also a potential threat to children's safety in all aspects of the "invisible killer".
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