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Brief Analysis On Design Principle 2 Of Interactive Learning Toys For Preschool Children

Any children's toys are based on the premise of fun. From the perspective of children's psychological characteristics, a product must first be able to attract their attention before it can be used. The design of interactive learning toys without fun is bound to fail.

The educational principle of preschool children's interactive learning toys is that the toys themselves have the functions of developing children's intelligence, stimulating children's thirst for knowledge, increasing children's knowledge, stimulating children's imagination and cultivating children's creativity,etc, so that it can be beneficial to the healthy growth of children's mind.

Preschool children are at a specific age, and their abilities in various aspects are not mature enough. Parents should realize the importance of preschool stage for children's growth, pay attention to the inspiration and guidance for children, and guide children's association ability and creativity through the interaction between children and toys. As an old saying goes, "one can be seen how his adulthood could be when he is still 3 years old, and how his old age could be when he is 7 years old." It fully illustrates the importance of preschool education, especially under the background of modern quality education, the educational function of preschool children's interactive learning toys is the content that designers cannot ignore. Children's play behavior is mainly realized based on the material carrier of toys. According to the research of child psychologists, 95% of children can grasp more knowledge in the atmosphere of games.
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