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Call for the Early Education Machine of Alilo! Introduction of Four Best-selling Models

What brand of baby is early childhood machine good? In recent years, a domestic children's early education machine called "fire hare" has suddenly become popular, many babies, both at home and abroad, hold a "little rabbit" that glows and sings.

The fire hare is so appealing to the babies that it's not just the super cute look, but also powerful music, reading, and voice interactive features. Many mothers say that the other brands they bought earlier, babies play a few times, and they do not want to play again. But after buying a Alilo Bunny, they will be super fond of it. They will not be bored for a long time, and even go to bed with the rabbit at night. The manufacturer of Alilo Bunny , Shenzhen Boyue life supplies co., LTD. was founded in 2010. It is very young. But the company is focused on developing early childhood education digital products, and the fire hare has gained more than two dozen patents. So what's so special about this popular global fire rabbit early education machine? Today, we will introduce the functions and features of several popular models of Alilo Bunny to help mothers understand this amazing rabbit!

1. Introduction to the best-selling model of Alilo Bunny early education machine

In a nutshell, the Alilo Bunny is an early education machine with functions like music, story, and recording. Parents can download any audio to the Alilo Bunny's memory card via USB cable. Devices with bluetooth and Wifi connectivity will also be able to connect with electronic devices such as mobile phones to play songs and stories that any baby wants to hear in real time. Generally speaking, Alilo Bunny are mainly due to the affection of the babies:

★ Lovely appearance and material safety: the cute little bunny image is almost all the baby's favorite, the rabbit's ears are made of soft silica gel, and the baby is perfectly safe to bite. The rabbit's ear is also built with LED lights in it, and it's a great way to attract babies! In addition, the shell of Alilo Bunny uses ABS reinforcement material, it is very firm and not easy to break.

★ The operation of the key is simple: the main function of the Alilo Bunny is concentrated in the front of the stomach. There are special shortcuts for recording, stories, nursery rhymes, ear lights, etc. Parents can play children's songs, stories or recordings very quickly, without the need for multiple buttons.

★ Rechargeable, downloadable access to unlimited resources: each model of the Alilo Bunny has placed "Alilo Bunny resource download center", and parents can download various kinds of rich resources on the computer. Devices with bluetooth and wifi connectivity can also be connected or downloaded directly using electronic devices, which are very convenient.

★ The function of timing dormancy: the long press button will have a speech prompt to set 30 minutes automatic dormancy, so the baby can listen to soothing music and naturally fall asleep, and don't need the mother to turn off the machine manually.

Below, we will introduce the respective functions and features of the best-selling models of the Alilo Bunny.

1)  G6 classic type of Alilo Bunny

The G6 is the most classic design of the Alilo Bunny, and also the cheapest. It comes with more than 300 early education content, and the parents open the box directly to use it. It has a built-in memory card of 8GB and supports downloading for the computer download. For early teaching machines, parents who don't have a lot of budgets, they can choose this classic type.

2) Alilo Bunny G63 with Wifi

The G63 is a product launched in 2016 with a new addition to the Wifi download feature. In other words, G63 can be connected directly to parents' mobile phones via Wifi, and it is more convenient to download various resources without the USB cable.The G63 also has a particularly important new feature to support baby and parents WeChat, there's a WeChat button on the belly of the Alilo Bunny, and the baby can talk after it's pressed. Mom and dad can also remotely manipulate the contents of a Alilo Bunny in WeChat. In addition, the G63 has a larger battery capacity than the G6, so the battery lasts longer.

3) Alilo Bunny G6S with Wifi+USB double download

The G6S is a new product launched by Alilo Bunny in 2017. All functions of G63 are available and upgraded to WIFI+USB dual channel download function on the basis of G63.

4) Alilo Bunny G7 display with bluetooth

The biggest feature of the G7 fire hares is a display that clearly shows the power and the music that is playing. It also comes with a complete remote control, and parents can use the remote control to remotely control the baby's early education. The G7 also has a bluetooth capability, when parents turn on the bluetooth of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, they can send resources to an early education machine with bluetooth, which is faster than Wifi downloads and computer downloads.

Note: all the above images and parameter information are from the Chinese official website of Alilo Bunny. There are only G6 and the G7 in amazon, and some of the parameters may be slightly different. If you want to buy other styles, you can find domestic friends and family in the Alilo Bunny Tmall or Jingdong flagship store to buy.

2. The evaluation of Alilo Bunny early education machine

1) "The baby is one year old, after buying the Alilo Bunny, she liked it very much, she even forget her favorite TV, she can not leave without it. I bought the G6S, the upgrade version of G6. I can talk through WeChat, and I can interact with the baby during work. The quality is really good and the content is rich enough."

2) "The sound quality of Alilo Bunny is good to explode, compared to the other miscellaneous brand of early education machine, Alilo Bunny is much better! The rabbit is smooth as a whole, without sharp edges and angles. The remote control is in Chinese, and the old man can control it conveniently."

3) "One drawback of G7 is that it can not wake up with a remote controller after using the remote controller. It is recommended to improve the use of remote control switch."

4) "Compared to a few Alilo Bunny, I still feel that the Alilo Bunny with the Wifi function is better, after all, there are some requirements for the distance of bluetooth transmission, and Wifi transmission is not restricted."

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