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Children Enjoy Rent is Online in China

In the age of sharing economy, the king has made new moves. On September 1, the "children enjoy rent" business was launched nationwide. It is reported that "children enjoy rent" launched rental services of large toys, baby strollers, safety seats and other commodity in July this year. Previously, "children's enjoy rent" was tried in 11 stores in Nanjing and some stores in Jiangxi.

Picture note: a screenshot of "children's enjoy rent" online

It has learned that the currently available categories involve early teaching machines, large toys, alilo early educational toys buggies, automobile safety seats, etc. The brand covers a number of well-known brands including Alilo Bunny, small Tektronix and Fisher.

According to the official announcement, in terms of the leasing process, the customer only needs to go to the store sharing area to select the goods that need to be rented, and sign the lease service agreement and pay the relevant fees. At the end of the day, you will need to return the goods and relevant vouchers and ensure that the goods are in good condition.

Picture note: the scope of the lease of "children's enjoy rent"

In terms of rental fees, all goods are subject to deposit. The rental time can be divided into daily rent, weekly and monthly rent, and different categories of leasing fees and deposit rules are different.

In terms of damages, there are four types of treatment: (1) slight bumps are normal losses and no compensation is required; (2) if the parts damaged can be repaired, the user pays the maintenance cost of the parts; (3) if the damage cannot be repaired, the deposit shall be 80% and the goods shall be returned; (4) in case of loss, the compensation deposit shall be no longer for compensation.

Picture note: children's rent lease process of "children's enjoy rent"

In addition, in the case of health and safety issues, the king said, all toys of "children rent" will go through a series of strict sterilization procedures of "cleaning -- sterilizing -- washing -- covering".

It is understood that, at present, the child king has 200 direct stores in more than 100 cities in China (both are in the middle and upscale shopping center). Each store is a large store of 3,000 to 5,000 square meters, of which, 1/3 of the area is sold, and 1/3 of the area are interactive places (such as new mother class, baby crawl, children's playground, etc.), another 1/3 of the area is rented to the associated infant child industry partners (such as early education, English, swimming, etc.).

The king's CTO He Hui revealed to the network of Ebrun that the GMV in 2016 was about 5 billion yuan.  The turnover of this year is estimated at about 10 billion yuan. Over the past few years, it has grown at a rate of more than 50 per cent and a compound of over 100 per cent. In addition to the merchandise trade, more than 15% of gross profit comes from other value-added services and virtual products. Under the premise of rapid development and massive investment, the king has achieved overall profit this year, with a monthly profit of over 10 million yuan.

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