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Children's Thinking Training Machine of Alilo Toy were Sold first in Tmall

The new product of Alilo Bunny  -- -- the children's logic · creative thinking training machine conference was broadcast live on Tmall and, and it is sold in rabbit Tmall fire flagship store, it attracted the attention of many parents.

With the opening up of the two-child policy and the increase in the domestic cultural and educational expenditure, children's educational toys market presents the explosive growth, the similar products flood into the market, the good and bad are intermingled, and intelligent high-quality early childhood toy products are popular. Among them, the intelligent early education product brand Alilo Bunny takes up a great market share with its story machine and video series. The new product category of fire rabbit children's thinking training machine focuses on improving the training of children's logical training and creativity or will open the new era of intelligent early education products.

alilo toy

New product launch event

Filling the absence of intelligent early education toys innovate new thinking training machine

Whether it's a mall or a street, you can find toys everywhere. And a label that sticks to "early education toys" is creeping in. As the current mainstream trend of scientific and technological intelligence, it is also increasing the added value of products. The creation and ability to quality content are often in the rear. The story machine and video machine of the fire rabbit have a good market base, it is inseparable from the humanization of product design, originality of content, education, function, recreation and service continuity.

But the story machine, video machine has limitations in meeting the early education needs of parents. The parent company of Alilo Bunny brand Shenzhen Po Yue life products co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Po yue company") continuously understand the needs of the audience, after in-depth research and rigorous market research, it found that Chinese families' demand for children's thinking training is universal and powerful. But early education institutions are spotty, and the absence of high-quality early education is a headache for many parents.

In order to fill the gap of early education smart toys in the market, the company has developed and manufactured new products -- Alilo Bunny children's logic and creative thinking training machine, after three years of experiment and research. It helps parents to capture their children's sensitive periods and peaks, and the systematic and scientific training and construction of children's way of thinking are also Wyatt in the product line extension and innovation.


New children's logic · creative thinking training machine
It is understood that the content of this product is adapted strictly according to the classic German textbook. It is supported by the classic three-dimensional theoretical model of the granddaddy of Hereford, which is developed in creativity, and according to different age stage of the creation of content to carry out targeted training; It cannot only train logic and creativity but also help the training of children's concentration and observation. In terms of product technology, it also integrates with the advanced technology such as AR technology interaction and smart eye care system.

"IP + education + technology" in the field of intelligent early education products to build a children's whole industry chain

At present, the domestic education policy is positive, and the education expenditure is increasing, the relevant data shows that there are between 1.8 and 20 million newborns in China every year, and between 3 and 6 years old preschool children are 80 to 100 million. Per capita education, culture and entertainment expenses (1723 yuan per year) accounted for 11 per cent of total consumer spending per person, and parents paid more attention to children's education. In early childhood education, the quality of early education products can not only give children the fun to play, but can also cultivate their children's ability, and actually, make education in teaching. The further integration of products and technology can improve the play ability and added value of toy products, and intelligent early education products will become the inevitable trend of industry development.

alilo child early learning toy

In order to get the product to see huge market potential, how to build high-quality intelligent early education products? In this regard, the company believes that "IP + education + technology" is the key to its success in the market, and it is also the source power of its continuous expansion of product line and output of high-quality content.

Bo Yue founded in October 2010, the company focuses on the design and development of early childhood education digital products, the analysis and construction of children's digital platforms, and the original production of children's content. Under the guidance of "science and technology to make childhood better", we constantly develop new products, children of digital products and digital products of children's products. At the Guangzhou toy fair in April, the company revealed that it would dabble in intellectualized, education children's products. In less than half a year, the Alilo Bunny children's logic and creativity thinking training machine is officially released, which also shows the strong r&d and production capacity of Bo Yue.

Alilo Bunny original nursery rhyme

In addition, the combination of products and high-quality IP is another advantage of the company. At present, the Alilo Bunny brand has a professional content team to create its own Alilo Bunny IP, it focuses on IP self-original children's song animation, anchor radio, puzzle game and other quality content, this makes the IP image of the Alilo Bunny more and more advanced, and also provides better service to the Alilo Bunny users.

The company is not just a manufacturer of children's toys, but its toy products are more than just smart hardware. In the future, the company will continue to explore the early education products of science and technology and create better products and content, and build a more scientific, systematic and professional children's whole industry chain, it is worth looking forward to.

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