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Alilo Bunny Presents at 2017 China Toy Fair New Thinking Training Products

October 18-20 2017, the sixteenth China Toy Fair (CTE) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As Asia's largest toy, preschool education exhibition, it attracted well-known brands from nearly 30 countries and regions. At this exhibition, the well-known early childhood educational toy brand, Alilo Bunny, which is loved by the majority of parents, has come into the exhibition. It not only brings many new ideas, but also releases new thinking training programs, which have attracted the attention of many people in the industry.

Alilo Bunny booth scene

Category in depth development  System training for baby thinking

Twenty-first Century is a society of the creative talents to give free play to. The society in the future is full of uncertainty. Comparing to simply to master the knowledge of facts, thinking training is more important, which will directly affect the development of children's creativity, and it is related to the ability to think independently and solve problems. So it attained many parents attention.

On the toy exhibition, the Alilo Bunny new product strategy was officially released, causing many exhibitors stop to watch. Alilo Bunny flagship new product - children's logic and creative thinking training machine (model L1), in order to make the product experience more intuitive, the scene set up product display and experience area. "This machine is a very good product in terms of appearance, operation experience and content system, and I'm very optimistic about its market potential." Mr. Li, a local agent in Shanghai, said.

Alilo Bunny new product strategy conference site

According to reports, the content of the product logic training is adapted from German classical logic thinking training textbook, In the cultivation of creativity, it is written in the classical 3D model, created by Gilford, the founder of American creative structure theory. It cultivates creativity according to different age stages. It can not only train the logic and creativity but also be helpful in the training of children's attention, observation; In terms of product technology, it comprises AR technology, interactive smart eye system, and other high-tech.

New Alilo Bunny product -- children's logic and creative thinking training machine

Insiders have done research. In the current market, early education institutions is expensive, uneven quality. Intelligent, educational quality products are difficult to select. The needs of Chinese family thinking training is very urgent, and a lot of money was wasted for it. But Alilo Bunny brand has been famous for its early childhood story machine, English video learning machine. Does this new thinking training machine have a long-term category development plan?

In this regard, Alilo Bunny brand said, "the value of education is not to learn a lot of facts, but training the brain to learn to think. L1 thinking training machine is just the beginning, we will further expand the category in the future. For example, Children's education programming robots (M7)  which is displayed at the same time, is also a new product for training children's thinking training. It is mainly for children over the age of 3, the core is the STEAM game programming. It comprises the educational contents of cognitive enlightenment and habit cultivation through the design of map content. We hope that the concept of "not only knowledge but problem-solving ability", which is emphasized in the future STEAM programming, can penetrate into more domestic families."

A new Alilo Bunny product -- a programming robot for children's education

Content extends multi-direction  Innovation drives industry development

For professions, participating in this exhibition is not only to understand the dynamic and innovative results of the maternal and infant industry, but also to find more partners and greater market opportunities. At present, the domestic education policies are positive, education spending is increasing. Parents attach great importance to children’s education, especially in early childhood education. The quality of educational products can not only let the children get fun but also to cultivate children's ability. It shows great market potential.

Early childhood toys market is extensive, but the Alilo Bunny early education products are focused on intelligent early education. Through the further integration of products and technology, it can enhance the playability and value-added of toy products. As a well-known mother-infant brand dedicated to the development of intelligent early education products, Alilo Bunny always walking in the forefront of the industry is related to its increasingly rich content system and continuous product innovation.

At present, Alilo Bunny brand has professional teams to create their own Alilo Bunny IP, create original songs, anchor radio, puzzle games and high-quality content independently around the  Let the Alilo Bunny IP image be in the multi direction depth development. At the same time,  provide more quality services to all users of the rabbit.

Alilo Bunny IP show

On this basis, constantly iterative product innovation, including innovation of product category, such as the introduction of thinking training product category; product function and design innovation. Such as R1 smart ring upgrade version of R1S exhibited in the exhibition R1 dig in the experience of the "shake" on the basis R1. From the basic bell, sleep music, cognitive enlightenment, to the advanced musical cognition, interactive games, magic parrot, its functions are richer and the audience is more extensive. Another example, new intelligent early magic block of 2017 year (P9), basing on the needs of children's hands, it innovated product forms, interactive modes, multi-screen splicing. The design also won the Golden Design Award; And the content system optimization and innovation etc..

Pictured Alilo Bunny booth product display and experience area

Alilo Bunny new product -- new R1S smart ring

Continuous innovation is the core of Alilo Bunny to create a product with a unique strong vitality, and also an important way to improve the value of the brand. The other day, the Alilo Bunny won the babe network favorite toys style brand and product brand, which is affirmed the value of the Alilo Bunny brand. In the future, the Alilo Bunny will achieve the goal of a parent company, Shenzhen Joy Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.----to build a more scientific, systematic and professional whole industry chain for children, to promote industrial development.

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