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Alilo Bunny sends new Products in the Toy Exhibition

Systematic training of the baby's thinking, focusing on the child's logic, creativity, observation...on October 18, 2017, the "Alilo Bunny", a beloved early education toy brand, appeared at the 16th China toy exhibition and released a new plan for thinking and training new products, and brought many creative new products.

Exhibitors stops to watch
Exhibitors stops to watch

Instead of just mastering the facts of knowledge, thinking training directly influences the development of children's creativity. The new product, the children's logic creativity thinking training machine, has attracted many exhibitors to watch. At the event site, the product display and experience area are set up, the exhibitors can directly experience the product. According to the introduction, the logic training content of this product is adapted from the textbook of German classical logic thinking training; In terms of creativity culture, we follow the classic three-dimensional model of the American creative structure theory. And it creates content based on different ages and then makes specific training. In terms of product technology, it integrates with AR technology interaction, intelligent eye care system and other technologies.

The launch event of the new product strategy
The launch event of the new products

In addition, "Alilo Bunny" brand said, L1 thinking training machine is only a beginning, we will further expand the category in the future. The children programming education robot (M7) is also a new product for children's thinking training. Mainly for children over 3 years old, its core function is the STEAM programming game. It is designed through the content of the map, and integrates the educational content of cognitive enlightenment and habit cultivation. R1S is deeply mining the function experience of "shake" on the basis of R1, from the basis functions of the ringing bell, sleeping with the music, cognitive enlightenment to the advanced functions of music sense cognition, interactive games, magic tongue and so on. The responsible person said that continuous innovation is the root of the unique and powerful core products of Alilo Bunny. This is also an important way to enhance the brand's value. In the future, the company will continue to focus on early education and build a more scientific, systematic and professional children's whole industry chain to promote the development of the industry.

The booth on site
The booth site

The 16th China toy fair (CTE) was held at the new international expo center in Shanghai on October 18-20. As a well-known toy and preschool exhibition in Asia, the exhibition has attracted nearly 30 brands from countries and regions.

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