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If Thinking Training Has Not Started At Three, It May Influence Intelligence Development

Thinking ability is a kind of mental ability, it is also the core of intelligence. It is very important to cultivate children's broad, flexible and agile thinking ability. In recent years, more and more parents are aware of the importance of thinking training, and are constantly striving for the training of children's thinking.

Logic is directly related to children's learning ability

Among this, logical mind is directly related to children's IQ, and determines one's learning ability and analysis ability. And with the increasing development of scientific training and the training level, it will develop constantly. Therefore it also is the priority of childhood intelligence development.

Scientific research shows that age from 3 to 6 is the formative and high-speed period of intellectual development. Piaget, a famous Swiss psychologist, believes that from birth to four-year-old is a key period of mental development. If one's intelligence level at 17 year old is evaluated as 100%, then from birth to four-year-old, and he or she has won 50% of the intelligence, then gets 30% from 4 to 8 years old, and the final 20% is obtained at the age from 8 to 17.thinking ability
According to the critical period theory, the period of rapid written language learning is from 4 ~ 5 years old; The best age for mastering a number of concepts is from 5 to five and a half years old. The optimal age for visual development is 4 years old. If children miss the systematic training at this period, it will be very difficult to develop in the future.

So for children from3 to 6 years old, this period is the embryonic stage and critical period for logical thinking ability. At this time, the child is developing from representational thinking to abstract thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp this critical period, to train and construct child's way of thinking in a systematic and scientific way.

In reality, many parents have given their children all kinds of early education classes, bought all kinds of early education books, and even pursue the quantity blindly, but ignore the children's logical thinking cultivation. "Logical thinking is the basic intellectual ability for children to learn writing and mathematics later in life." According to expert's introduction, "logical thinking needs to understand the concept accurately, adhere to the correct judgment and reasoning method, and solve the problem of work and life effectively and rationally, with comprehensive and systematic method. Nowadays, many college students do not know how to write a thesis. And the primary school students have a headache when they write a composition or do not have a good math performance. In fact, they are influenced by poor logical thinking ability.

What kind of product can cultivate good thinking for baby?

Scientific research shows that the acquired environment can significantly influence the interchange of neurons in children's brain, thus affect the intellectual development of children. Logical training is the top priority of thinking training, but the cultivation of creativity is just as important. If too much emphasis is placed on logical rigor, it will also limit the development of creativity, imagination and other development of children. If you want to achieve good thinking of your baby, you must pay attention to the whole brain development of your child. If it is only formed by nature, there is not enough stimulation, and then its development will be much slower. So parents have tried all sorts of ways to train their minds.

Tough early education and the lack of concentrated time for children to go out with their children make early education products a new favorite for parents. Which product can better train your baby's good thinking?

At present, there are some brands on logical thinking, such as Logic Dog, Uber, Qiaohu, and Alilo Bunny and so on. And there are also many books for training. Among them, the Logical Dogs are graded to different difficulties, according to age. Their science and authority are recognized by many parents, but the interactive mode is too traditional and single. But the presence of the children's logical thinking training machine of Uber solves the problems of interactive feedback. Different stage modes make the content of the game more interesting, but the level of content is not clear, and it has weak guidance to different children. The image of Qiaohu is vivid. Qiaohu's products and content interact in various forms and are close to life, but the authority and scientific nature of its contents make some consumers skeptical.

mp3 player for child

All kinds of products' quality are uneven, and parents' demands to products of good quality make the market have a greater development space. Comparing with the past, Shenzhen Alilo Digital Technology Co., Limited produces new booming, the alilo mp3 player for children. This creative thinking training machine seems to be more optimistic about the consumer. It is reported that the product content in strict accordance with the German adaptation of the classic textbook, as in the classical theory model of cultivating creativity by the originator of Guildford. Besides, it cultivates creative content according to different age stages; not only can train the logical thinking and the creativity of children but also can help training of attention and observation. In terms of technology, AR technology, smart eye system and other high-tech are used in this product.

If your baby hasn't started the logical training, you might as well try it. As for the Alilo Bunny that has been used in the White House, whether it will create a new era or not, we will wait and see.

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