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Infant Mp3 Player

Infant mp3 player is an MP3 player specially developed for children. It combines toys, MP3 players and speakers. It is an alternative to the old tape player. It is cute, easy to operate and carry, allowing children to listen to children's songs, stories, poems and English whenever and wherever possible.

Shenzhen Boyue life products limited company introduces infant mp3 players to the market, and organized early education experts to integrate a large number of fetal education and early education content, such as children's songs, stories, tang poems and English, aiming at the characteristics of Chinese children. From the fetal period it begins to promote wisdom, personality, feelings, ability and other aspects of development, from the birth of the child it begins to increase the scope of knowledge, teaching the truth of doing things, develop good habits and improve the baby's language ability, memory, observation and imagination. According to the growth needs of children of different ages, 8 sets of high-clarity audio textbooks are carefully configured by authoritative experts, which is convenient for parents to upgrade and update contents as their children grow up.

The golden age of fetal education and early education is only a few years. It is difficult to improve IQ after missing it. Infant mp3 player can dig out the child's talent, seize the child's best opportunity of fetal education and early education, so that the children can feel relaxedan get excellent grades at school.
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