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Ivanka Accidentally Makes This Chinese Toy Company Famous

Recently, a Chinese brand of early childhood education has become in fashion due to the video shared in INS by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. In the video, Theodore, Ivanka’s son has just learned to walk. Many of the Chinese friends noticed that the toys given to Theodore by Ivanka is a   Chinese early education machine of Alilo Bunny, a Chinese brand of early childhood education. This video has made Alilo Bunny attain lots of attention.

Ivanka has always attached great importance to the Chinese education of her children. She often releases videos in which her daughter, Allaby, dressed in Chinese custom, sings Chinese songs and recites Chinese poems. They are popular in Chinese. Many netizens have speculated: Does Ivanka begin to let Theodore learn Chinese when he has just learned to walk? But it will not come to most people’s minds that: it is a early childhood education machine that Ivanka uses to help children learn Chinese. What’s more, the machine comes from Chinese brand.

alilo toy international

“Sea Amoy” is booming in China. How can Chinese products be self-reliant?

These days, going to Korea for cosmetics, going to Japan for diapers, going to Holland for powdered milk...... They are nothing new. With the improvement of people's living standard, Chinese consumers take more consideration on products’ quality than their price. Within this context, people naturally want to buy foreign goods when domestic products can not meet the demand.

According to the "Market Research Report of the Chinese Sea Amoy products in the first quarter of 2017", in the first quarter of 2017, the transaction volume of China sea Amoy market has reached 132 billion 400 million yuan, with an increase of 9%; the amount of Chinese sea Amoy users reached 43 million people, with an increase of 4.9%. In this batch of sea Amoy army, mothers are the biggest group. Their shopping targets range from milk, diapers, clothing, and anti-fever medicine, noodles, tableware to toys. Under such circumstances, how can the domestic products be self-reliant?

In the government work report of the national NPC and CPPCC in 2016 , Premier Li Keqiang firstly proposed: "cultivating excellent craftsman spirit". In this year's government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to build a number of more world famous "Chinese brands" to promote Chinese economic development into the era of quality. "Sea Amoy hot" is forcing the domestic enterprises to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and improve products’ quality. After all, There is no a market where there is no quality. When we make the "products" into "confection", when the Chinese manufacturing represents quality assurance, I believe that "Sea Amoy hot" will naturally become "cooling".

Alilo Bunny has real strength to compete with world wide brands.

However, we have also seen the efforts of Chinese brands. In recent years, more and more Chinese brands have come to the world, including Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo, HUAWEI, and Millet...... But we have rarely seen the Chinese mother-infant brands or early childhood education brands into the world stage. It shows Alilo Bunny’s strength that it can enter such famous family like Ivanka’s. It also boosted the confidence of national mother-infant or early childhood education brands to enter the overseas market. The video released by Ivanka has made Alilo Bunny attain great attention. At the same time, it also enhances the strength of Chinese brands, making Chinese brands compete with world brands more effectively.

alilo bunny family

It is understood that the Alilo Bunny’s orientation is to be an enlightenment education partner for 0 to 6 year old baby. In the view of the characteristics of infant growth, the Alilo Bunny develops a series of products which stress childhood fun, interactive ability and practical ability. From the sales trend, we can see that Alilo Bunny’s two series of products have occupied a huge market. The story machine’s high quality and lovely rabbit image are in the hearts of the people, and the video machine has gotten abundant praise since it was unveiled. The humanization in the design of products, the instructive of contents and entertainment in function make the products favored. In the past two years, Alilo Bunny has set foot in more intelligent, educated children's products, which are loved deeply by consumers.

As a Chinese early childhood education brand, whose Chinese story machine sales ranked first, Alilo Bunny products have been active in the world's mother-infant markets for a long time, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and so on. What’s more, Alilo BunnyProducts are deeply loved by foreign mothers and babies. Many Chinese consumers sigh: "our national mother-infant brand is not inferior to that of foreign countries. We will certainly support national brands in the future.".

In the "Chinese dream" era, Chinese brand building is faced with a "great opportunity", which is determined by the global and domestic macro situation. The building of Chinese mother-infant brand stills needs a long time. More effort will be needed to promote “Going Out” if we want to build a global brand. We should grasp the trend of macro environment, enhance our own brand quality, and grasp the demands coming from overseas market consumers better. We will make painstaking done in all aspects.
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