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Hot Children Programming Education Robot Appeared in 2017 Chinese Toy Exhibit



Shanghai news, Oct 19 (reporter Zheng Yingying) "25 cards, each card represents one code, one command", Deng Lu, the product manager of the famous early education toy brand Alilo Bunny, introduced an education robot to reporters at the 16th China toy exhibition (CTE) in Shanghai on Sunday.

"This programming, not writing code, but thinking with code," at the scene, Deng Lu demonstrates how the robot exercises its thinking. For example, if you have a list of cards, some representatives turn left, some represent right turns, some represent rivers, some represent boats," so before a robot can cross a river, it must pass through a "boat" card. He says 25 cards of all kinds will bring a lot of combinations to exercise children's minds, the robot can be used for children aged 3 or older.

This toy show, Alilo Bunny shows a thinking training interactive experience device. It is understood that this is a new product based on Alilo Bunny. Interactive experience device for child logic, creative thinking trainer (L1), the site also has a product experience area.

According to the introduction, this logic training content is adapted from German classical logic thinking training textbooks, and according to different ages to create content and to carry out targeted training; And focus on the cultivation of children's logic and creativity, as well as focus, observation and so on; In terms of technology, the product is also integrated into advanced technologies such as AR technology interaction and smart eye care system.

The Alilo Bunny brand says that education's value is not about learning a lot of facts, but about training the brain to think. The L1 thinking trainer is only the beginning, and the company will further expand the category in the future. For example, the children programming education robot (M7) is also a new product for children's thinking training. Its core function is the steam programming game, through the content design of the map, integrating cognitive enlightenment, habit culture education content.

In addition, at the exhibition, the Alilo Bunny also exhibited the R1S, which is the upgrade of R1, and dip deeper into the functional experience of "shake" on the basis of R1, from the basic functions of the rattle, cognitive enlightenment, to the advanced functions of musical perception, interactive games, magic tongue and so on; The new intelligent early education cube (P9) in 2017 is based on the baby's starting demand, innovative product form an interactive mode, and the first multi-screen splicing. According to the introduction, its Alilo Bunny brand has a professional content team to create Alilo Bunny IP, then according to the IP to create the children's song animation, anchor radio, puzzle game and so on.

It is reported that the 16th China toy exhibition (CTE) was held at Shanghai new international expo center from 18 to 20. As one of the most famous toys and preschool shows in Asia, nearly 30 countries and regions have participated in the exhibition.
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