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Small Toys Cultivate Music Intelligence Of Baby

Babies will dance with joy when they hear a pleasant sound at a very early age. Like other intelligences, music intelligence needs to be cultivated and developed from an early age. Therefore, in daily life, parents can prepare some children's music toys and pleasant music, and play sound games with the baby, which improve the baby's music intelligence, and develop the baby's artistic potential.

Here are a few simple music toys for toddlers:
1. The wind blows the bells rings
Add a wind bell to the colorful hanging decorations of the baby's rattle. When the wind blows or the baby moves, the wind bell will shake from side to side and make a pleasant sound. The baby will focus on finding the target and judging the source of the sound. When parents are playing with the baby, they can gently touch the wind bell, let the baby listen to what the sound is.

2. Rattle, knock knock
Use a rattle to get your baby's attention. Shake it around and let the baby feel the stimulus of the sound and turn around to follow the source of the sound, finding out where the sound is coming from. As the baby gets little older, let the baby hold the rattle and mother helps the baby to exercise the wrist to listen to the sound of knocking.

In addition to the rattle, you can also prepare several kinds of toys for your baby to play as music toys for toddlers. Although the little baby who is gradually growing up has no sense of rhythm, he still likes to hear the sound of drumming and teletype. At first he only likes to knock randomly, but soon he can tell whether the tone is good or bad, and he becomes fond of only knocking on things that makes a pleasant and pleasant sound. Although random beating is arbitrary,it can promote baby grasping ability, hand-eye coordination, and healthy development of multiple parts of the body.
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