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Suck Up 8 Million Thumbs Up in 90 Minutes, Alilo Bunny with Hu can Detonate E-Commerce Live Broadca

This year Ma Yun initiated the big festival "Tmall 520 parent-child festival" and was bound to create a new situation. Alilo Buny joined the E-commerce marketing war of national maternal and infant industry bravely. On May 18, Alilo Bunny carried out the supper E-commerce live broadcast in the Tmall and Taobao together with “super mother” Hu Ke. Almost 300 thousand + fans and 8 million + thumbs up were attracted in just 90 minutes, which had handed over a beautiful marketing report.

Alilo toy

Choose the right platform; effectively convert the influence of the brand

Gathering a large number of the users’ attention in a short time is the biggest advantage of the live broadcast marketing being compared with the traditional marketing. The instant money-making ability of live marketing has left many mythic cases in 2016. Along with the decline of the show live broadcast, the form of "live + e-commerce" has been rising gradually over the past year, even becoming a marketing tool for many merchants.

With the approaching of 520 parent-child Tmall festival, Alilo Bunny choice to carry out the live broadcast in the “Tmall live” and the "Taobao live", two of the country's largest E-commerce live broadcast platform. And the fire rabbit invited the "super mother" Hu Ke as the star guest to carry out a super live together with the high quality maternal and infant E-commerce live program Baby Worth Buying of Ali group. During the Live, fire rabbit has given out five rounds of millions of red envelope rain, letting melon-eating masses to grab envelopes endlessly, successfully interacting with fans and audience and actively mobilizing the participation of the onlookers. Fans’ constantly comments with the calls of "red envelopes" is enough to prove that fire rabbit has realized the effective interaction and bonding with the audience.

alilo bunny

Alilo Bunny  is a great partner of enlightenment education for the 0-6-year-old infant child. Combing the characteristics of infants and young children in the growth period, the certain series products have been through continuous innovation and the innovators’ pursuit of product quality strictly. The innovators pay attention to the development of the interactive ability and practice ability. And the products have long been popular with the domestic many cute babies. This year, the Alilo Bunny has innovated and developed a new generation of products. The children's wisdom early teaching story machine G6S can operate by WeChat with the link to Wi-Fi. And the video machine I6 can even be linked to double Mc Karaoke. As a guest of the live, Hu Ke, at a glance at the English early education video machine I6 of fire rabbit, wanted to buy two to Angi and Little Fish. Melon-eating masses are not calm and then follow the wind.

alilo big bunny

With the stimulation of the red envelope benefits, plus the high-quality products which are strongly recommended by the celebrity guest, consumers can make decisions quickly and efficiently make potential purchase behavior. The brand can reach the transformation closed loop of users from receiving information to order in a short time, bringing great results for brand promotion and marketing activities as well as the release of the brand influence to a great extent.

Select the star; make soft interaction; accurate coverage of target crowd

Today, web celebrity, e-commerce, social platforms, and even the Internet giant chorus crammed into the live broadcast. The stars seem to also become a frequenter of live broadcast down the altar. They started "brand + star + live" entertainment marketing exploration with the brand. The Alilo Bunny has put its mind on the selection of celebrity guest. Hu Ke is elegant and graceful, natural and simple, and has a remarkable ability to act, and recently became the "super mother" who has been recognized by the whole nation. The Hu's various aspects of quality and ability and the high degree of matching of the brand image is just what Alilo Bunny looked for. The "no rabbit not allowed" super broadcast has been expected by the public since it was exposed. The popularity of the live has multiplied, and target users are more vertically targeted.

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In this super broadcast, the melon-eating masses have turned to Hu for parenting questions, acting as if Hu can be a "parenting expert". The interactivity is perfect. Hu Ke also revealed the numerous "little secrets" of Angi and Little Fish that had been unknown outside the show, which makes them happy. In addition, Hu Ke also applied Angi’s favorite color blue and Little Fish’s favorite color green on Alilo Bunny, enriching the Alilo Bunny family color choice. Consumers saw that the brand is not just blindly concentrating on advertising but on parenting. Through such a soft way to establish contact with consumers, live sentiment runs high naturally. As a facilitator, Hu Ke delivered the brand image to the audience at a good time, so that she has accumulated popularity and reputation for the brand.

For the Alilo Bunny, the live broadcast has multiple values: to get a huge amount of attention, to convey brand image, to directly form the purchase and to gather potential users. The Alilo Bunny has apparently lived up to it. After 90 minutes of live with “super mother” Hu Ke, the fire rabbit also found a group of young potential consumers and made contact with them. But to build a long-term relationship with these potential consumers, the fire rabbit knows it will take a long time.

Despite the success of this super broadcast, the "live + e-commerce" method can be excavated in a very large space and requires the efforts of all parties to discuss it.
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