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The Alilo Rabbit You Know is More Than Just a Story Machine

Alilo Digital Technology Co.,Limited was established in October 2010. It focuses on the design and development of early childhood educational toy, the analysis and construction of children's digital platforms, and the original production of children's content. In April, during the Guangzhou toy show, Li Cong, the sales manager of Bo Yue, was interviewed by the Chinese and foreign toy media center, he introduced the future development plan of Bo Yue and his brand "Alilo Bunny" brand.

Alilo Rabbit

The company's overall sales growth last year was up more than 45 percent from a year earlier, Li told reporters. As can be seen from the sales trend, the two major series products of Alilo Bunny occupy a great market share. The story machine is very popular with high-end quality and lovable rabbit image. And video machine, after the launch of the market, is even more favorable, the humanization of product design, educational and functional entertainment of content, make this product popular.

The company's products have been adhering to the concept of "technology to make childhood better". In fact, we hope to digitize children's products. "We want to make it more intelligent, more convenient and easier to learn in children's products," Li said. Take the story machine series as an example, from the most basic story machine 1 to the story machine 2 (Bluetooth series), and now to the story machine 3 (WiFi Series), product replacement, technology elements are also constantly integrated.

In terms of publicity, Bo Yue mainly USES the mobile phone APP, WeChat, QQ group and other media to promote the popular live broadcast form. At the same time, it is also a platform to provide social, activity and communication channels to existing or potential users of Alilo Bunny through these platforms. This allows the brand to have direct communication with consumers, and also helps improve the product.

Li Cong told the newspaper that the fire hare ranked high in the category of children's baby toys. But if you want to take a bigger market share, you need to expand your product line. Therefore, besides video machine and story machine, there will also be more intelligent, education children's products.

In fact, the Alilo Bunny now can calculate the famous IP image in the world of the story machine, which is widely recognized by customers. Li Cong said that Bo Yue has been doing brand promotion this year, and the Alilo Bunny IP will be shaped from many applications to the image that children like. The hope is that the Alilo Bunny is not just a story machine, but a soul. Alilo Bunny already has a professional content team, the independent original children's song animation, Alilo Bunny FM professional anchor tell the story, puzzle game, these contents not only allow the IP image of Alilo Bunny to develop in many aspects, but also provide better service to fire rabbit users. The fire hare is more than just a hardware product. It has been trying to build a whole chain of children.

Li Cong gave full affirmation to Guangzhou toy fair, he believes that there are two main points for participating in the Guangzhou toy show. The first is the effective presentation of the new products, which will be shown to existing customers and potential future customers. On the other hand, Bo Yue will hold a new product launch event at the exhibition hall during the annual Guangzhou toy fair, they assemble the existing agents to discuss the future direction of the product and how to optimize the product.
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