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The Features Of Infant Mp3 Player

1. Cartoon appearance: take the cartoon star in the cartoon blockbuster as the appearance, and children will fall in love with it at the first sight.

2. Scientific design: the shape of infant mp3 player conforms to the ergonomic characteristics of expectant mother and children and it feels good.

3. Simple operation: turn on the infant mp3 player switch and fetal education, early education can be carried on. Children do not need adult assistance. Children do it by himself, which increases their sense of achievement and enables them to learn anytime and anywhere. Mobility of expectant mother is inconvenient, small wisdom more bear is particularly suitable for holding it in arms for listening, and switching content is more convenient.

4. Massive memory: infant mp3 player memory data is very large, a player can play all the supporting voice teaching materials, just need to go to download the teaching materials and upgrade it in the website.

5. High-speed recognition: infant mp3 player has built-in multiple chips, can quickly and accurately read the voice teaching material. Real voice makes expectant mother, children feel they are accompanied by a real person with natural communication.

6. MP3 sound quality: all the voices are original children's voices dubbing by famous actors or actresses of China children's art theater, very clear, and the volume can be automatically adjusted as needed.

7. Memory replay: when expectant mother and children want to temporarily stop listening, press the pause button, and then press it again when they come back to continue learning at the pause.
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