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Tips for a Baby to Sleep All Night

It's a headache for the new mom to get her baby to sleep early and get a good night's sleep. Because the baby's sleep habit is irregular, it still needs the mother to patiently cultivate and adjust... So the question comes, is there any good way to help your baby get to sleep and sleep all night?

1. Shake gently back and forth

Gently rocking the baby back and forth has been considered a golden rule for sleep. It is said that this is because shaking gives the baby the feeling of being in her mother's stomach and thus gaining more security. But it's not easy to shake the baby manually for a long time, and the new mother might be able to use some of these parenting tools.

Fisher multi-function baby rocking chair

 Fisher multi-function baby rocking chair

Recommended: fisher multi-function baby rocking chair. Gentle natural sway can help the baby to fall asleep, and the multi-angle adjustment can prolong the life and adapt to daily needs such as game, feeding and so on.

2. Adjust the dark light slightly

Good sleep requires proper lighting and sound conditions. If you often turn off the light before going to bed, let the baby fall into the dark, not only can not cultivate the baby's sleep, but also make the baby feel insecure.

A more "comfortable" approach is to start the night light for your baby and prepare your baby to fall asleep. In addition to the ordinary family night light, some specially designed for the baby is also very good!

Alilo Big Bunny G7 early education music player toy

Recommend: arrero Alilo Bunny G7 early education machine, The soft night light can create a comfortable sleep environment for your baby. High fidelity sounds can also give bedtime stories and Lullabies for babies.

3. Prepare the sleeping partner

There was a mother who said that her baby was so angry that she had to hold it to sleep. She was crying when she put it down. What about this?

In fact, mothers can prepare a sleeping partner for their baby, such as comforting a doll. Common stuffed toys are at risk of losing their hair, and if the baby is inhaled after sleeping, it's dangerous. So the mothers may have to be careful when they choose to buy, so that they feel soft and do not lose their hair.

jellycat shy pink tulip bunny

Recommended: jellycat shy pink tulip bunny, soft and comfortable feel, not easy to deformation, star baby burst.

4. Suck the pacifier

Don't worry that pacifiers can lead to buckteeth, as this is associated with frequency of use. Regular use of a pacifier can help the baby to relieve the emotion as much as possible so that the baby can get a huge, incomparable sense of security in the process of sucking, so as to get the sleep quickly. But you'd better take out the pacifier after the baby fall asleep!

NUK comfort silicone pacifier

NUK comfort silicone pacifier

Recommended: NUK comfort silicone pacifier, food grade material entrance is more secure, the design of extended ventilation hole can avoid red seal on baby's mouth.

The process of raising a baby, though difficult but full of sweetness.Dear mother, do you have any tips on how to get your baby sleep? Why don't you share it with us?
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