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  • Small Toys Cultivate Music Int...

    Babies will dance with joy when they hear a pleasant sound at a very early age. Like other intelligences, music intelligence needs to be cultivated and developed from an early age. Therefore, in daily...

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    Early music education has irreplaceable significance for the development of people's life. Music education helps develop people's right brain and enhance their creativity. Therefore, music education f...

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    1. Cartoon appearance: take the cartoon star in the cartoon blockbuster as the appearance, and children will fall in love with it at the first sight.2. Scientific design: the shape of infant mp3 playe...

  • Infant Mp3 Player

    Infant mp3 player is an MP3 player specially developed for children. It combines toys, MP3 players and speakers. It is an alternative to the old tape player. It is cute, easy to operate and carry, all...

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Big Bunny G7-Pink

Welcome to the alilo Bright Ears family and congratulations on your purchase!

Recommended ages: educational toys for all ages.

Big Bunny is unique because it is equipped with a super remote control that can be used as an extra speaker for your computer! He is the largest family member of the sister and brother. It guarantees its glowing ears, the baby can from time to time pinch and safely bite the fun. Like other family members, he can record the sound, read the fairy tale and sing as one kid safe mp3 player. His ears are shining and can be used as an excellent night light. But that is not all, because in addition to the ears to illuminate his mind! It is very easy to use. In addition, it is very strong, because it is made of ABS plastic, 30 times stronger than ordinary plastic!

alilo big bunny for sale

- can tell stories, play music, record and help your children learn language as educational toys for kindergarten.
- Micro SD memory card slot with MP3 files that can be previously saved, it is mp3 player for small child.
- can store up to 500 songs or 100 stories.
- it is completely safe, no sharp edge, is shock resistant.
- There is a ball tail specially designed for small hands.
- suitable for children, very convenient.
- has a specially designed 52mm dual speaker, with high quality sound reproduction. It is the best mp3 player for toddlers.

alilo pink bunny mp3 player

- with recording function, you can record any sound or sound.
- it has a resume feature that allows you to stop playing.
- will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of playback.
- there is a lock function, so the child can not play the button.
- It has soft silicone ears made of special RoHS compliant materials to safe for babies and children to chew.
- High capacity lithium polymer battery, environmentally friendly and efficient, for up to 5 hours. He does not need a battery.
- As digital mp3 player, it supports MP3 format and has popular lyrics, lullaby and fairy tales and calm baby "white noise". All content can be updated with the built-in 8GB Micro SD card and the included USB cable.
- it has three fantastic colors: yellow, blue and pink.

About the product
[Portable Light Companion] The headlight with independent switch accompany kids to the potty in the dark. It will be there to shine just enough light to help change the diaper at night and also allow light sensitive adults to sleep well.
[Calm Down for Bedtime]Big Bunny have different powers to help kids who are afraid of the dark to fall asleep. Slow light flow creates a dreamlike atmosphere and relaxed bedtime experience while Bedtime stories and lullabies soothe kids to sleep.
[Sound Recorder] Records your voice or your baby's heartbeat (from the ultrasound). This is the perfect baby shower gifts or pregnancy keepsakes for anyone.
[Remote Control] Control your Bunny from 10 meters away with the little remote control. 2 AAA batteries are needed for the remote control.
[Bunny Tail Volume Control] Turn the Bunny tail knob to adjust power and sound volume. Avoid sudden noise and keep music surrounding with your little one without disturbing others.

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