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  • Small Toys Cultivate Music Int...

    Babies will dance with joy when they hear a pleasant sound at a very early age. Like other intelligences, music intelligence needs to be cultivated and developed from an early age. Therefore, in daily...

  • Early Music Education And Chil...

    Early music education has irreplaceable significance for the development of people's life. Music education helps develop people's right brain and enhance their creativity. Therefore, music education f...

  • The Features Of Infant Mp3 Pla...

    1. Cartoon appearance: take the cartoon star in the cartoon blockbuster as the appearance, and children will fall in love with it at the first sight.2. Scientific design: the shape of infant mp3 playe...

  • Infant Mp3 Player

    Infant mp3 player is an MP3 player specially developed for children. It combines toys, MP3 players and speakers. It is an alternative to the old tape player. It is cute, easy to operate and carry, all...

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Honey Bunny G6-Pink

Welcome to the fantastic rabbit family Alilo Bright Ears!
Meet Alilo Honey Bunny - provide the best kids MP3 player for all ages.

alilo early educational player

Honey Bunny is the oldest member of the family and has sold millions of copies worldwide. It guarantees its glowing ears, the baby can from time to time pinch and safely bite. Like other family members, alilo mp3 can record the sound, read the fairy tale, singing. His ears are shining and can be used as an excellent night light. It is very easy to use. In addition, bunny mp3 is very strong, because it is made of ABS plastic, 30 times stronger than ordinary plastic!

So far Alilo has gained a great welcome around the world.

alilo early educational mp3 player

The bunny mp3 player will be the best friend who is always company with your children. The bunny player is playing music and story to attract the babies and increase babies’ interesting. Music and story will let babies to focus on them that babies love. Song is a language which is the best language skills training when children speak out of the hearing. Music repeatedly played by parents can increase children’s memory. In the process of receiving music training, the brain has received a strong and effective stimulus, thus cultivating intuition and imagination of art. The alilo rabbit is the best gift for babies and also the best MP3 player for children.

music player for children

About the product
[Rich Entertainment Content] Pre-loaded 59 popular nursery rhymes to soothe crying baby and 9 bedtime stories to share with children.
[Voice Recorder] The Honey Bunny has a sound recording key. Press the key and give your best wishes to your baby! That would be a perfect gift for a big day.
[LED Luminous Ear] The soft teether silicone ears are not only chewable but also colorful. 7 colors will glow gently when playing.
[8GB Children MP3 Player] It comes with 8GB high speed memory card and a USB data cable. Support up to 32GB TF card. Just download whatever your kids like in it!
[Strong ABS Plastic] Alilo promiss all the plastic material for kids electronic toys are in compliance with highest standard

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