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  • Basic Educational Characterist...

    The educational function of children's toys refers to it that toys promote the physically and mentally healthy development of children in all aspects and guide and train children to preview the future...

  • Brief Analysis On Design Princ...

    Any children's toys are based on the premise of fun. From the perspective of children's psychological characteristics, a product must first be able to attract their attention before it can be used. Th...

  • Brief Analysis On Design Princ...

    Under the background of the increasingly fierce competition between science and technology and culture, the role of toys with various patterns, compared with the original simple entertainment, extends...

  • Alilo Buddy Bunny In 18th CBME...

    On July 25, the 18th CBME China Pregnant and Infant Exhibition and Children's Wear Exhibition opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for three days. The al...

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Fantastic Drum P1-Yellow

Welcome to the fantastic Rabbit family Alilo Bright Ears!
Meet Alilo Fantastic Drum Bunny - interactive pat drum and educational toys for kids.

Fantasic Drum Bunny is the youngest member of the family and play drum. The toys ensure that its luminous ears are very interesting. Like other family members, the toys can tell bedtime stories and sing songs. Ears will light up like the color recognized by Fantasic drum and also could be safely chewed by your children. Children could interestingly interact with the drum. The drum could sooth your children to sleep as music enlightenment. The drum has a high quality speaker to protect your children hearing. The tail controls volume and we also control the highest volume that will not hurt your children hearing.

alilo child mp3 player

Preloaded free music and fairy tale content:
Music content:
Hello, hello, how are you
Apples and Bananas
Clap your hands
Old MacDonald had a farm
The ants go marching

Fairy tale content:
Races between tortoise and rabbit
The little horse cross the river
Brother and his younger sister
Lion and mosquito
The story of fox and crow

Technical specification:
Night light: seven full color, slow flash LED lights
Speaker: High quality speaker with volume control
Volume Control:The bunny tail controls volume
Battery: Removable battery (3AAA)
Size: 113.4mm*110.2mm*155.8mm
Weight: 400g
Color available: Pink Blue Yellow
Materials: RoHS silicone ears and buttons
High strength ABS plastic body and shell
All materials are tested and in compliance with Europe and US Toy Safety Standards and Requirements.

Alilo fantastic drum (no battery and no screwdriver)
English Manual

Placement of batteries:This toy need 3 batteries(AA). The battery pad should be opened by a screwdriver and 3batteries should be placed according to the left sketch.
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